The Artist

Yourstuffisboring is not an insult, but instead an artist whose goal is to prove “Yourstuffisboring.”


Computer-generated art is growing in popularity, and with that can come the neglect of handmade art. Nevertheless, Yourstuffisboring takes great pride in contributing to the creation of handmade art, while also pushing the boundaries of their medium. The process of creating art from the ground, clay, is unique in itself but to use it as a canvas is inimitable-or even “unearthly.”  The viewer gets exposed to the chemistry of hard and soft shapes, as well as the subversive commentary that becomes united with the piece. Yourstuffisboring’s style is unique to the ceramic world, but remains complimentary to it, as the ancient practice of ‘wheel-throwing’ is distinguishable in each piece. The artist hopes one will take away from their art, whether it be a disturbed face or a verbal laugh. “YSIB” is carved into the bottom of every piece, serving as a reminder to question art, because truly, Yourstuffisboring.






If you see something you like, look a little closer.
Don’t worry, they wont bite.